The 1950s Section at Disney’s Pop Century Resort

Lady Icon in 1950s

One of our favorite decades at Disney’s Pop Century has to be the 1950s!

This area of the resort features icons of Lady and the Tramp, and the buildings are decorated with oversize ’45’ records and transistor radios.

The buildings in the 1950s have giant bowling pin staircases (and they’re gorgeously lit at night!), and the pool is also shaped like a bowling pin.

The quiet pool in the 50s section is an oversize bowling pin but take a closer look at the pool area. The concrete looks just like a bowling alley lane and there is even a rack of bowling balls at the pool.

And the laundry facility? Well it’s a giant bowling alley shoe rack. The giant juke box at the pool is also pretty cool.

As fun as the themeing is, another reason to love the 1950s is the close proximity to Classic Hall – home of the front desk, the arcade, and the gift shop and dining hall in one, Everything Pop.

This close location also means you don’t have to walk very far to get to the bus stops – which is a nice “perk” on those days when it feels as though you walked a million miles in a million percent humidity in the middle of summer.

On a recent trip we stayed in the 1950s section and we were just a hop, skip, and a jump away from Everything Pop which made grabbing a quick bite to eat a breeze, and refilling our refillable mugs after a long day at the park was a cinch. The 1950s section is also close to the Hippy Dippy Pool and the Petals Pool Bar.

What’s your favorite section at Pop Century? Leave us a comment and let us know.

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