Check it out: 70s 8-Track Pop Icons

70s 8 track.

Whether you’re staying in the 70s section of Pop Century or not, it’s worth it to take a stroll to check out the 70s 8 Track Pop Icons.

Situated around the stairwells of each building, the larger-than-life 8 tracks each have different names, like Easy Listening; Sweet Sounds of the Seventies, or Soul of the Seventies Greatest Grooves.

On the back of the Soul of the Seventies 8 track are the following songs: Godfather of Groove, I Missed the Funky Boogie Train, Junk Food Funk, Sisterhood of the Seventies, Boogie Thang, and Quadraphonic Love.

While these songs sound vaguely familiar, they’re not real songs at all — just reminiscent of that 70s soul!

On the Seventies Stadium Greatest Rock Hits 8 Track: Biorhythm Boogie, Custom Van Dango, Fell Off My Platform Shoes (And Into Love With You), Pet Rock Punk, Polyester Itch, Love to Love the Love You Love.

Have you ever checked out the funny song names on the 70s 8-Track Pop icons? Leave a comment below!

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