Check Out the Refurbished Rooms in the 1990s Section at Pop Century!

Updated Room at Pop Century

Room refurbishments started last fall at Disney’s Pop Century and we’ve been eagerly awaiting some photos of the updated rooms!

Our friend Marc Lorenzo shared some photos of a room in the 1990s section on his Facebook page so we reached out to him to see if we could share them with you … and he said yes! Check out the fully gallery of photos here.

The updated rooms feature: hardwood floors (no more carpet!!), one queen size bed, one queen size pull-down Murphy bed, a seating area (which is also where the Murphy bed pulls down), new refrigerators with glass doors, a new coffee pot area, two closing doors in the bathroom area, a fully-updated bathroom area, two shower heads in the shower (!!!), 10 USB port outlets plus additional outlets (you get an outlet! and you get an outlet! everyone gets an outlet!!), and much more.

We’ve read some commentary that the new rooms seem “sterile” and “hospital-like” and while we agree there’s a lot of white going on in the new rooms we like the updates…for the most part.

A value resort with queen size beds? That’s a definite plus in our book. And we love hardwood floors so that’s another bonus. And a coffee pot? Yes, please! The jury is still out on a few other things. But we think it’ll grow on us … we’ll have to stay there soon to really make a decision.

And…we’re hearing that the All-Star resorts are next for this upgrade followed by the Little Mermaid rooms at Art of Animation! (The Pop refurbishment will be completed by May of 2018).

We’d love to hear your thoughts on the updated rooms. Do you think they’re “Disney-fied” enough? Or do they look like a magical hospital room? Let us know in the comments.

And HUGE thanks to our pal Marc for sharing his photos with us!

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