Everything Pop – The Gift Shop

Everything Pop

One of our favorite things about Everything Pop – other than the pizza bread on the lunch and dinner menu – is that in addition to being the quick service dining location, it’s also the one-stop-shop for anything you might need while at Pop Century!

I don’t know about you, but whenever I’m at a Disney resort one of the first places I stop is the gift shop. I like to see what is on the shelves, and what I might “need” to buy at some point during my vacation. Everything Pop is no exception to this rule.

On a recent vacation the first place we went – after dropping some bags in our room – was Everything Pop. The kids wanted to check out the ear hats (they had a great selection) and I wanted to look at potential souvenirs. In addition to the dated Walt Disney World Resort items (including photo albums, magnets, and coffee mugs) the shop also had a nice selection of household items and other assorted merchandise.

One thing I almost purchased (and still wish I had bought!) was the Disney-branded wine. There were several varietals of wine (red and white) and it was reasonably priced – about $15 a bottle. Paired with a set of wine glasses (also for sale in the store) this would make a great gift for someone back home (or for yourself).

If you or your kids like to collect the pressed pennies at Disney, there are a couple pressed penny machines at Everything Pop. The store also sells the pressed penny books which is super convenient.

And since you walk through the store on your way to grab a bite to eat (unless you come in the other door), it’s very easy to pick up whatever you need or want from the shop. The store also sells assorted sundries and some food and beverages.

Everything Pop is a great place to find that souvenir you meant to buy in the parks – they have a good selection of T-shirts, magnets, car accessories, and other themed merchandise. And, as is always the case on the last day of a Disney vacation we managed to do some last-minute shopping at Everything Pop, picking up a couple magnets and other items before we departed for our journey home.

What is your favorite go-to souvenir from Everything Pop?

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