Favorite Menu Items at Everything Pop

Everything Pop

Whenever we’re staying at Pop Century we eat quite a few meals at the quick service spot Everything Pop.

On our most recent visit back in August we enjoyed our first “on property day” lunch at Everything Pop in addition to several quick breakfasts! The food is consistently good and there are so many choices that even the pickiest of eaters will find something to enjoy.

So we know what we LOVE at Everything Pop – the breakfast platter, the french bread pizzas, the chicken alfredo, and of course tie-dye cheesecake – but we wondered what other fans were craving from this quick service spot. Which means we took a poll of Facebook.

The Pop Waffles were very popular with fans of the hotel and there’s a good reason! These waffles are light and fluffy and delicious. And you can even get them topped with fruit or you can go the old fashioned route and top ’em with butter and syrup. The Pop waffle is a great choice at breakfast.

Another big winner in our non-scientific poll was the famous tie-dye cheesecake. Now this very popular dessert used to be served as a slice of cheesecake (with a red velvet cake crust) but now it’s served in a bowl (just like the other cakes and cheesecakes on property). While it doesn’t change the flavor – the cheesecake is still AH-mazing! – it does take away from the presentation just a little bit.

Other honorable mentions included the fried chicken, gravy fries, the Mickey Mouse cupcake with Oreo cookie ears, chocolate chip pancakes (my youngest can vouch for these!), the King cupcake, and the omelets at breakfast.

What’s your favorite must-have-every-time-we-visit menu item at Pop Century’s Everything Pop? Leave us a comment and let us know!

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