New Grownup Milkshakes Debut at Everything Pop

Everything Pop Milkshakes

We love eating at Everything Pop when we’re staying at Pop Century! Whether we’re dining for breakfast, lunch, or dinner there’s always something delicious on the menu.

And we also love it when we find out about new menu items!

Recently our friends at the Disney Food Blog shared a couple new “adult” milkshakes that are now on the menu at Everything Pop.

These new grownup treats are following the trend of adult shakes that we’re seeing around Disney World. Beaches and Cream at the Beach Club has a whole collection of grownup shakes, and you will also find grownup gelato shakes at D-Luxe Burger in Disney Springs.

The choices at Everything Pop are Strawberry Fields (strawberry milkshake blended with Frangelico) and The King Milkshake (chocolate ice cream blended with Knob Creek Bourbon and garnished with candied bacon). Bacon on a chocolate shake? Um, yes please!

Both shakes will set you back $11.50 (each) but that’s not too much to pay for some ice cream and booze goodness!

Will you be trying either of these grownup shakes? Let us know in the comments.


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