Pop Century 50’s Section

Tramp Welcomes You To The Fifties

Welcome to the 1950’s, Disney-style!

This area of the resort is decked out with icons of your animated favorites, Lady and the Tramp, and a giant-sized table-top juke box. The pool here is a massive bowling alley, complete with ball racks, guide arrows, and a “wooden” paneled pool deck area. And the laundry building next to the pool is a giant bowling shoe locker!

Head over to the various 1950’s area buildings to scan some of your favorite 45 titles on the records decorating the railings, and check out the transistor radios! And do you see those giant bowling pins? There are 9 of them that serve as the stairwells in the 1950’s buildings — the 10th bowling pin is the pool!

You can see the photos in our 1950’s image gallery below, and be sure to check out our Pools and Activities image gallery for more detailed shots of the 50’s Bowling Pin pool.