Pop Century 60’s Building Spotlight

60’s Play Doh Icon
Disney’s Pop Century Resort’s 60s buildings highlight the bright and colorful hippie era, with larger-than-life pop culture icons and plenty of nostalgic memories of this amazing time period. Guests enjoying a Walt Disney World vacation will certainly love this eclectic resort.

Many of the buildings are decorated with day-glo flowers, peace signs, and various toys and film characters from the 60s. One of the stairwells features a prominent Duncan Yo-Yo, and the yo-yos make several appearances throughout the resort. There is also a large Play-Doh icon outside one of the buildings! Additional icons include stories-tall statues of Mowgli and Baloo, two of the most beloved characters from the film The Jungle Book, as well as various signs that spell out words of the era in neon colors, such as “Flower Child” and “Classic 60s.”

On the Classic Hall building, there is even a gigantic tie-dye sign spelling out “60,” which adds to the colorful environment. At the centerpiece of Pop Century Resort’s 60s buildings, however, is the aptly named Hippy Dippie Pool. This freeform pool offers plenty of fun décor, such as flower-shaped fountains, and also has a wading pool and Petals Pool Bar for some delicious poolside refreshments.

While all of the 60s buildings and icons look great during the day, guests who stroll around the resort grounds at night will experience all of the amazing decorations in a brand-new light.

It’s undeniable that the Pop Century Resort’s 60s section offers plenty of exciting and nostalgic reminders of the fun and groundbreaking hippie era.