Pop Century pools: Which should you choose?

Time for a dip!

With five highly-themed decades each claiming a different area of Pop Century Resort, it should be assumed that the pool areas are different too. And they are all unique, in the shape of pop icons from their respective decades: a bowling pin from the 50s, a flower from the 60s and 70s, and a computer from the 80s and 90s. But which one of these pools are the best for you? Read on to determine which pool you
should choose to take a dip.

Computer Pool:

If you want a big, square pool to do laps or take a peaceful plunge, this would be your best bet. Because the computer pool is situated away from central areas, it is generally quiet. The downside is that it’s a big, square pool, just like computers screens from the 80s and 90s, so it doesn’t feel very whimsical when you’re in it. It actually took me a minute or two to realize that it was in the shape of a computer, and not just a big, square

Bowling Pin Pool:

The shape of this pool is instantly recognizable as that of a bowling pin, making it a bit more “fun” than the computer pool. But this pool, too, is situated away from central areas, so it will be not super busy and will even be quiet at non-peak times. This should be your pick if you want a quieter pool area, but with a little more whimsy than a big square computer.

Hippy Dippy Pool:

This is the main pool at Pop Century Resort, and it’s definitely the most fun and busy of the three. It’s in the shape of a “flower power” daisy from the 60s and 70s. Here you’ll find daisies that squirt water, and nearby is a hair wrap station, a ping-pong table, a wading pool, the Kids Water Play Area, and my favorite, the Petals Pool Bar! The Hippy Dippy Pool would be your best choice to keep kids entertained while you enjoy a tropical adult beverage! Just keep in mind that this is the busiest pool with the most foot traffic.

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