Pop Century reader-recommended room numbers and areas to request

Roomss near the Mickey phone are popular

Last month, we asked our facebook fans, “Do you have any specific room numbers at Pop Century that you can recommend?”

We got a lot of great answers.

We got a few specific room numbers. Tom S. told us, “Just got back from 5401…very good fireworks view.”

Brandi B. said, “we just stayed in 3126 and 3127. It was so quiet and off the beaten path.”

We also got a lot of recommendations for certain areas of Pop Century. We have a lot of fans of the 50s and 60s buildings.

James J. told us, simply: ‎”50’s rule.”

Christine L. ‎”4th floor, 50’s building 3, facing EPCOT is fabulous. 60’s building 5, 4th floor facing the lake is also great.”

Tami S. told us, ‎”4th floor of the 60’s building. Facing the pool.”

We have some fans of 70s buildings, too.

Juan R. said, “love waking up and having the Big Wheel be the first thing in the morning, so, second floor behind the Mickey phone, unless it’s lovebug season, the little critters love that building’s walls for some strange reason.”

Nick C. said, “we stayed right behind the Big Wheel and loved it. Close to the pool and lobby. Close to the bus stop. And super quiet. Easy to get a nap in during the afternoon.”

Kristen S. speaks highly of the 90s building. She says, “the Cell Phone building is priced as a ‘standard’ room, but it’s just a straight shot across the parking lot to the bus stops and dining hall. We were very happy with it!”

Renee S. has the right idea, too, we think. She told us, “any room, as long as I am there with my family.”

And lucky for Dawn B., she said her recommended room is, “The room I’m in right now!” (How was the vaca, Dawn?)

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