Pop Century’s Fast Forward game arcade

Fast Forward arcade.

Pop Century Resort’s Fast Forward Arcade is a popular place for kids of all ages, and kids at heart.

But don’t feel like you need to start rolling your quarters now! Fast Forward Arcade and all arcades at Disney World resorts don’t take coins. Instead, you can buy points to load up on a rechargeable card.

Fast Forward Arcade is located in Classic Hall, across from Everything Pop shopping and dining, and just inside the doors from the Hippy Dippy pool.

You can find all of the arcade classics at Fast Forward. There should be some newer releases too, like a Pirates of the Caribbean pinball game. Fast Forward is a great place to send the kids while the adults relax at the Petals pool bar!

If you’re on the Magic Your Way Package, look for your coupon booklet — it includes a voucher for free credits at a Disney World resort arcade!

What’s your favorite game at the Fast Forward arcade? Leave a comment below!

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