A Review of the Rooms at Pop Century

Pop Century Room 1960s

As one of the value resorts at Walt Disney World, the rooms at Pop Century aren’t huge, but they are exactly what you would expect at a value resort.

Pop Century has 2,880 rooms and each room measures 260 square feet. The rooms feature two double beds or one king size bed. The most noticeable change in the rooms is that the bedspreads are gone (yay!) and they’ve been replaced with coverlets at the end of the bed. This change gives the rooms a nice modern (and clean) vibe!

In addition to the beds, the room will also feature a small table with two chairs, a dresser/television stand with a flat screen TV. This dresser area is also where you’ll find the mini fridge. The bathroom area is split into a sink area and then the toilet and shower. The bathroom area also features a divider curtain that can be closed for more privacy.

Now, at 260 square feet you might be wondering how a family of four fits in a room at Pop Century. It can be done! There are some tricks to making all your stuff fit in the room and still having enough space to feel comfortable and not cramped.

We utilized the space under the sink and in the “closet” area. Our toiletry bags were stored under the sink area for easy access and the necessities were “organized” around the sink area. (There is a nice shelf above the sink – use it!). We used the luggage rack to hold another bag in the closet area (where we threw dirty clothes) and used the rack above to hold other items.

Four people means (at least) four suitcases and we managed to find places for all the suitcase that kept them out of the walkway so no one was tripping over the Samsonites in the dark. The dressers come in handy here – unpack the kids’ clothes into the drawers and then you can fill the suitcases with the dirty clothes as the week goes on.

It’s not difficult to make your room feel like your home away from home during your vacation. You just have to spend a little bit of time unpacking and organizing.

And I have to say, the small updates that have happened in the rooms – including the change from bedspreads to coverlets – make a big difference.

How do you make your Pop Century room feel “bigger” and uncluttered during your vacation? Leave us your tips!

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