Take a Stroll Over the Bridge and Visit the Art of Animation Resort

Art of Animation Resort

One of the (many) things we love about staying at Pop Century is how close we are to the Art of Animation resort!

The Art of Animation is the newest resort at Walt Disney World and it opened in 2012. The resort was built on what was originally meant to be the site of the “Legendary Years” of Pop Century, but now is home to buildings that represent The Lion King, Finding Nemo, Cars, and The Little Mermaid.

Connecting the two hotels is the Generation Gap Bridge and, as bridges go, it’s quite lovely. The bridge spans Hourglass Lake and we recommend taking a stroll over the bridge. And while you’re visiting Art of Animation it would be a great idea to stop by the Landscape of Flavors and grab a bite to eat!

On a recent visit we decided to walk over Generation Gap Bridge and eat dinner at Landscape of Flavors. The views from the bridge are beautiful so be sure to take your camera so you can get some great shots of Pop and Art of Animation. Also, take a minute to look in the lake – we saw a large number of very big (and scary looking) snapping turtles. Just don’t feed the wildlife – Mickey and friends frown on that!

When you get across the bridge take some time to wander through the grounds of AoA – the buildings and themeing are incredible. We love Pop, but we were in awe of the buildings at AoA. One of the most amazing areas was located in the Cars section. You really felt like you were in Radiator Springs.

Dining at Landscape of Flavors is much like dining at Everything Pop – there is so much to choose from so it’ll take a minute or two to get your bearings and decide what you want. Personally I went for the Tandoori Shell-On Shrimp and an extra side of Naan because any time I get can extra Naan I’m going for it!

While Pop Century will always have a special place in our hearts, we will certainly be making a visit to Art of Animation again via the Generation Gap Bridge.

Have you visited AoA while you stayed at Pop? Leave us a comment and let us know!

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