Top activities for grown-ups at Pop Century

Take a stroll down Memory Lane

It’s not just child’s play at Pop Century! Connect with some blasts from your past with these fun activities at Pop Century Resort.

1. Take a stroll down Memory Lane in the Pop Century lobby. A central part of the Pop Century lobby are the numerous shadowboxes of pop culture artifacts spanning the latter half of the 20th century. These shadowboxes may look boring to a kid, but to an adult, they’re a time capsule. Personally, I could spend a couple hours poring through these shadowboxes’ pop culture contents.

2. Pick your favorite Pop Icon. Did you ride a Big Wheel as a kid? Dial up your pals on your Mickey phone? Or maybe you had your own personalized bowling ball. Take an hour or two to stroll through the grounds of Pop Century and pick out the Pop Icons that you once owned or used. You’ll be surprised at the memories that come flooding back.

3. Grab an adult libation. Head on over to the Petals Pool Bar and relax with a beer, or perhaps a Mai Tai, Margarita or Pina CoLAVA. Complete these steps: 1) Sip, 2) Savor, 3) Reminisce. Repeat.

4. Try a Mom’s Night Out Dinner. Did you grow up in the age of TV dinners? Then head on over to Everything Pop Food Court for a comforting TV dinner-style meal. Selections include fried chicken, turkey and mojo pork, depending on the night of the week.

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