What We Love about the 90s Section at Pop Century

Computer Pool

If you’re a child of the 1990s – or even if you aren’t – there’s a lot to love about this decade’s section at Disney’s Pop Century Resort.

Sure, it’s one of those “way out there” buildings when it comes to walking distance to Classic Hall. But honestly, unless you’re staying in the 1960s section (or the closer rooms in the 50s or 70s) you’re going to be walking quite a distance to get to Everything Pop and the bus stops.

Despite it’s distance from Classic Hall we really love the ’90s section at Pop. The themeing is great – the building stairwells are “old style” cell phones (remember those beasts?!?). And the words on the buildings include “You Go Girl,” “Da Bomb,” and “Surf the Net.” [As a side note, having lived through the 1990s, I never remember using the words “Da Bomb”…but we’ll go with it anyway, right?]

But perhaps the BEST thing about the 90s section is the quiet Computer Pool! This pool features a four-story tall laptop computer that towers over the pool. There is also a stack of giant floppy discs at the pool (OMIGOSH do you remember those things?!?).

The pool deck features a raised keyboard that makes a great play area for the kids (and grownups). A word of caution: the keyboard really is raised and when it’s dark outside and you’re trying to take photos of your kids playing on the keyboard make sure you’re paying attention to exactly when the keyboard ends and the pavement begins. (It hurts to fall off a giant keyboard. Trust me.)

A larger-than-life hard drive is actually the location of the laundry area – just in case you have a need to do a load or two while on vacation.

The 90s section is connected to the 80s section, so it’s a lot of fun to walk over to the 80s and see the giant Rubik’s Cube stairwells, in addition to the oversize Walkman and Roger Rabbit icon.

What is your favorite decade at Pop Century? Leave us a comment and let us know.

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