Keeping Cool at Pop Century Resort this Summer

Summer is here and that means heat and humidity in Central Florida! If you're visiting Walt Disney World Resort this summer and have plans to stay at Pop Century we have a few ideas that will help you beat the heat and enjoy the "Coolest Summer Ever"! From pools to the arcade to the Petals Pool Bar, there are so many ways to keep cool at Pop!

The Top 5 Things We Love About Pop Century

There's so much to love about Pop Century from the themeing to the pools to the food court and beyond - it's hard to narrow our "love list" down to just five things. But we did it! And we'd love to hear what you love most about this iconic and incredible value resort!

The 1970s Section at Pop Century

The 1970s section is home to some of the best icons at the resort including the giant Big Wheel, the Mickey Mouse phone (which might be our favorite icon ever!), and the HUGE foosball game with players bigger than you! That part is so much fun to walk through - it's as though you've been shrunk to smaller than toy size!

Coolest Summer Savings at Pop Century

This summer is being billed at the 'Coolest Summer Ever' at the Walt Disney World Resort and with so many new and exciting things to see and do, it's a can't-miss time to visit! And, to help you enjoy an amazing Disney vacation this summer, Disney has announced the Coolest Summer Savings event where guests can get up to 20 percent off rooms at Pop Century!

Keeping the Kids Entertained at Pop Century

Pop Century is one of my favorite resorts at Walt Disney World for so many reasons. One of the top reasons is because there's so much for kids to do at the hotel. From the three swimming pools to the arcade to just walking around the resort to snap some photos of the amazing over size icons - there's something for every kid at Pop Century.

The 1980s Section at Pop Century

Rubik's Cube, Roger Rabbit, and a Walkman are the colorful and oversize icons you'll find in the 1980s section at Pop Century. This section might be a longer walk from Classic Hall but the fact that it "shares" the quiet pool with the 1990s is one reason we're a fan of this totally rad decade!

Pop Century or All-Star Resorts: Which Would You Choose?

When you're looking at the Value resorts for your next vacation at Walt Disney World Resort, how do you choose between the All-Star Resorts, Pop Century, or Art of Animation? Do you look at what kind of room you need? Or is it all about the theming for you? Or maybe you base your decision on the food courts? So is it Pop Century or the All-Star Resorts?

Favorite Menu Items at Everything Pop

Whether you're ordering the bounty platter or the Pop Waffle at breakfast or enjoying a dinner of chicken alfredo with a tie-dye cheesecake for dessert, Everything Pop has a delicious menu all day long! We recently asked our Facebook fans what they had to order when they visit. Read on to see what they said!

Grand Launch of the 'DFB Guide to Walt Disney World Dining 2015' e-book

It's time to start planning your next Walt Disney World vacation with the help of the just published the DFB Guide to Walt Disney World Dining 2015' e-book! This all-new, totally updated guide is chock full of more than 490 pages of full-color photos, tips, tricks, and loads of information about - giving you everything you ever wanted to know about dining at Disney World!

Top 5 Things to Do at Pop Century This Year

We've come up with a short list of 5 things you should do when you're staying at Pop Century this year! What are the top 5 things you plan on doing at Pop Century - maybe visiting Art of Animation or spending a relaxing day at the Bowling Pin Pool with an Orange Dream in your hand? Or maybe visiting all the pool at Pop? Let us know your plans!

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