Pop Century pools: Which should you choose?

They say that most children remember the resort pool more than anything else when they visit Walt Disney World. With all the options and style in Pop Century's resort pools can you blame them. Learn all about all your options for swimming and lounging while visiting Disney's Pop Century resort.

Pop Century Laundry Info

While the icons around Pop Century are fantastic to look at, some of my personal favorite pieces of themeing around the resort are the guest laundry facilities! I know, sounds crazy, right? But Disney has gone out of its way to make the three laundry room buildings fit beautifully into the decor where they're located.

Top Three Favorite Pop Century Icons

We recently had an informal poll on the Facebook Page to decide the ultimate Pop Century Icon. The competition was fierce, and not without controversy. Even now I believe Lady and the Tramp are considering petitioning for a recount, but we have to move forward with what we have. So without further ado, here are our top 3 Pop Century Icons.

Pop Century Menus

The dining at Disney's Pop Century Resort is (in our humble opinions) the best of the Value resorts -- and maybe better than a couple of the moderate resorts as well! And while the menus at the Pop Century Food Court and Peace of Pizza Delivery change every once in a while, we wanted to capture them as best we could to help you in your planning!

Pop Century Food Court

Pop Century Legendary Years Become Disney's Art of Animation Resort

We've been wracking our brains to figure out what would become of the Legendary Years, and today we've found out!

Pop Century Resort Layout

Staying at a new Disney resort can be confusing. Many of them are large and spread out, and with so many buildings, it can be hard to find your way around.

Luckily, Pop Century is pretty easy to understand, but it can help to take a look at an aerial photo of the resort to get your bearings. The best way to determine how the buildings relate to one another is to find the main "anchors" of the resort -- in this case, the sections of the resort are anchored by the three pools and the main lobby/dining area.

Preferred Rooms: Are They Worth the Money?

This is a great question, and one that many Walt Disney World resort guests ask themselves when booking hotels for their trips: Is paying the extra per night cost for a preferred location room worth it?

First, let's define a "preferred room." At Disney's Value and Moderate resort properties, preferred rooms are those closest to the main lobby and dining areas. Occasionally, they're also closes to the main theme pool. In the case of Pop Century Resort, preferred rooms are closest to the main building, which houses the lobby, the bus stops, and Everything Pop Shopping and Dining. The preferred rooms are also the closest rooms to the main theme pool -- the Hippie Dippy Pool -- and Petals Pool Bar.

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